Wolf Veterinary Services (WVS) is a unique option for veterinary care in Springfield and the surrounding area.

The entirely mobile practice means your pets are seen in your own home, saving you the time and stress of traveling to and from the veterinary clinic with your dog or cat. Pets are comforted being in the safety and security of their own home as well. And Dr. Wolf, a certified small animal acupuncturist, can offer both traditional and novel options for treatment.

Juggling the needs of your family and your pets can sometimes be a daunting task. Finding time to meet your pet’s needs is not always easy for the busy parent or grandparent. However, timely preventative care is a must to keep our four-legged friends healthy and happy and sick pets who receive quick medical attention suffer less and may cost less to treat in the long-run. Dr. Wolf will work around your work or family schedule so that your companions get the care they deserve when they are in need.

Cats and dogs have one thing in common; it’s stressful to go to the doctor. Some become withdrawn and tremble in a corner while others become aggressive, increasing the risk of injury of themselves, their owners and the veterinary staff. Many cats and dogs exhibit motion sickness or incontinence during the trip. Offering these pets the comfort of their own home can dramatically reduce the anxiety exhibited during a veterinary visit.

Since Dr. Wolf is a certified veterinary acupuncturist, she is able to employ this medium to help calm her veterinary patients prior to exams, nail trims or other potentially stressful events. She also employs acupuncture as part of an integrated pain management program for post-operative, post-injury and arthritic patients. Some chronic diseases also respond well to acupuncture when other courses of treatment have failed. Dr. Wolf believes that acupuncture provides a minimally invasive means of enhancing quality of life in many situations.

With the opening of Wolf Veterinary Services, Springfield has new options for veterinary care. WVS provides care in your own home, minimizing stress for both owner and pet. They work around your schedule; and since there is no transit time for you, that means more time to spend on the other important things in your life. Additionally, acupuncture is now readily available for those seeking integrative and progressive care options. Contact WVS at 217.725.6437 to schedule an appointment today.

End of Life Vet Care

For compassionate in-home end-of-life care including in-home euthanasia, visit Peaceful Tails.

Peaceful Tails end-of-life veterinary care